The Simpsons movie

Oh man, how can I begin to describe this movie? My jaw ached for nearly the whole duration of the movie. I already watched it twice.

Story-wise, it’s pretty common, especially if you’ve been watching episodes of the Simpsons. Matt Groening and his crew never lets you down. Really funny cartoony stuff intertwined with really funny real life situations: marriage, drinking, going to church (!), parenting, etc. It also really shows the side of the Simpsons that I like: the fact that they’re a dysfunctional family, and that Homer is the main reason (I believe) due to his lack of thinking prowess and the desire to have one. Bart, though much smarter than Homer, sometimes looks up to him (Homer).

Animation-wise, there is of course an obvious improvement from the tv series. The animation was top-notch, Simpsons-wise. The inclusion of computer graphics was also a big plus. Sometimes it’s really good to watch an animated movie with no polygon populated people (I love alliteration).

I would recommend this movie to teens and to adults, since I think children in primary education won’t get much entertainment from the movie other than seeing a lot of yellow-skinned people. Most of the humor is adult humor, actually. Not always green, of course.

It’s too bad though that some of my favorite characters didn’t have much airtime. Although Moe, Krusty, and the obese geek and some others were in the movie, they didn’t have much role (or an important one) to play. They just stayed behind for most of the movie trapped in Springfield. I also wanted to see more of principal Skinner and Bart’s friends.


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