Stand up comedy – “There is no God”

I was searching for videos around the “tube” ( actually) and I found this one:

After listening and watching nearly all the videos of stand-up comedians Rex Navarrete and Pablo Francisco a few days back, I decided to watch other stand up comics. This time, tackling one of my favorite topics: why there is no God. George Carlin isn’t as funny as the two I mentioned, but to me his stuff makes more sense.

He actually gives great conversations (and argumentations) on why there is no God, and to believe in one is truly preposterous, while hitting funny notes at the end of his statements. Sure he’s no professor Dawkins, but he still manages to make me realize things.

Parts that I really like include the one where he reasoned why prayers are useless. If God is really omnipotent and omniscient, and that he has a divine/master plan, he surely wouldn’t change it just because you asked for it in your prayer. The delivery of that part was pretty funny.

He also talked about why he keeps on referring to God as a male: saying that a woman couldn’t mess up (or in his words “fuck-up”) the world as bad as it is now. Really funny points. Really witty delivery.

I’m going to try watching his other videos some more….(^)___(^)


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