Firefox v2.x.x.x heavy memory help

One of the things I don’t really like happening is closing my browser. It’s not that Firefox crashes really often. But for the seldom times it does, it really bothers me.

I usually have two Firefox windows opened, with each window having around 15-20+ tabs. Now see why Firefox sometimes crashes for me? (^)__(^)

To even add insult to injury, those windows with those tabs are filled with almost all the web apps and technologies you can think of: html (of course, along with CSS, notorious Javascripts from different sites), PHP, RSS, AJAX (Gmail), Flash (youtube), etc.

And of course, Firefox has a memory leak issue. And some of the particular causes of my browser’s crashing is the Window$ media video player I use, which is MPlayer currently. I still haven’t figured out yet which is to be blamed: the MPlayer project for Ubuntu itself or the avi codec for Ubuntu’s MPlayer. Sometimes my browser doesn’t crash, but stops working and responding. It also then eats up a lot of CPU cycles.

Adobe 7.0 plugin sometimes makes my browser respond reaaally slow. Especially when the pdf files I’m opening in my browser are fairly large in size, ~3+ MB. So far Flash doesn’t have any problems yet.

Checking my Firefox’s version:

$ firefox --version

Mozilla Firefox, Copyright (c) 1998 - 2007

What I do to even lessen the chances of my browser crashing or hanging, I go to


and then click the


button in the

File Types

section. There I can change how Firefox handles the file types listed there when Firefox encounters them in the web pages I visit. I usually just save and download some of the files that usually make my browser crash and unresponsive. Especially since Internet connection speed isn’t a problem.

Of course you might say there are dozens more which I can do to help alleviate my browser’s faults, such as the


option. But those are weblogs for another day….still got work to do…

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