“The God Delusion” SOLD OUT!

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Hmmm……for a country that’s supposed to be religious and Catholic in general, it’s surprising to learn that a book such as the “The God Delusion” by professor Richard Dawkins is sold out on all the main bookstores here in the city (capital even). What could this mean?

1 There were few copies of the book

One possibility is that the main bookstore branches here in the capital city only ordered a small number of the book. And since it’s been a real seller, not to mention ranking high in New York Time’s list last year, it’s no wonder a lot of avid book readers sought for it. So it turns out, people who are in-the-know of US/Europe and New York Times best sellers picked the book up, hard/soft bound, and emptied the small number of books available in the city.

2 There are a lot of closet atheists and/or undecided people

The other possibility, though my pessimism prevents me from readily accepting it as the more probable candidate, is that there are really a lot of people who are closet atheists or who are undecided with their faith. Nevertheless, a huge number of people who bought the book, either in the 1st possibility or this second one, must be avid book readers. Still, I wouldn’t really be surprised if the reason I haven’t gotten a copy of the book yet is because of this second possibility. It would just reaffirm prof. Dawkins’ statement that there really are a lot of people who are atheists; people who have doubts in their faiths because of the inconsistencies and paradoxes in what they believe in. The problem, as also stated by prof. Dawkins, is that a lot of those atheists and undecided people are afraid to come out in the open since people might treat them the way we treated homosexuals a number of decades ago. They are afraid that they’re families and friends will treat them badly, or worst, ostracize them. This is the sad reality today.

In the end, I still don’t have a copy of the book (X)___(X) But I do have reservations on 2 leading branches. I tried calling almost all the branches. Both the hard bound and soft bound copy of the book are sold out. <Sigh>

Even Sam Harris’ Letter To A Christian Nation’ book is sold out…I’m beginning to think possibility 2 is more likely to be the case. But I don’t want to get my hopes too high….

Also, I’m still betting that if we continue patronizing and supporting science and reason over blind faith and ambiguity in a lot of things we don’t understand, a few decades from now, us atheists may reach the point when we are as acceptable as homosexuals now are in the public.

I guess I’ll just wait for it then…and contend with my “The God Delusion” audio book….(^)_____(^)

Next time when I get enough free time, I’ll write a post about the wonders and the fulfillments of being an atheist, since a lot of people generally think atheists only say negative opinions to theists, and don’t contribute much to the morality of society, for example.

Atheists Assemble!


7 Responses to ““The God Delusion” SOLD OUT!”

  1. B Says:

    3. Know thine enemies

    Maybe i could assert a third reason… Maybe the theist sector of our society have learned that there are available copies of “atheist manuscripts” and may have decided to buy some copies. It may be that they want to learn more of their enemies before engaging to war, metaphorically speaking (maybe literally). If this is probable then it might have been aggravated further by the first reason stated.

    I can’t help but be pessimistic.

  2. f241vc15 Says:

    Which first reason are you referring to here? Mine or yours? Though I most probably think you’re referring to your first reason/statement.
    “If this is probable then it might have been aggravated further by the first reason stated.”

  3. Dante Says:

    I am trained to be a historian and I believe that once you label yourself an atheist, it does not necessarily mean that you obliterate the word from your working vocabulary like what many people think. Religion, hence the idea of god, is important in social analysis. You still have to study it in order for you to refute it effectively. If not, it is like denying Marxism without knowing anything about it. One should see religion functionally as a social phenomenon and not as dogma. I am sometimes disgusted with some writers who taint historical writing with religion; although I respect it as another point of view. Indeed another benefit of having an open mind.

  4. f241vc15 Says:

    Yes I agree with you Dante that to properly refute/disprove something, you have to study and understand it, hence you are right in saying that as an atheist, the concept of religion and God should never be absent. As a follower and student of science, one really has to be open minded since what may be held as truth now may not be so tomorrow. It has been this way since the beginning and should continue to be so.
    Perhaps you can improve your first statement by using “think” instead of “believe”, since you were taught with facts I presume. Believing, in the sense of religiosity, requires faith, which is not backed up by fact.
    I also think that religion is certainly a social phenomenon since the beginning, as the good professor was trying to say. I also think that although it is not a dogma, it is usually dogmatic. Requiring no rational evidence or critical thinking from its followers.
    I’d love to read/hear more of your thoughts about these in the future. Thanks.

    Btw, if you want to read the book “The God Delusion” on a PC, I can give you a softcopy (e-book version, in pdf format) of the book. Just tell me about it.

  5. fran Says:

    Hi, love the blog. I have been trying to buy a pdf version of The God Delusion to put on my PC. I haven’t had much success. Could you mail me your pdf version if it is not too big? Thanks. In return I can offer you some MP3 original tunes from http://www.theworld.ie

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