Wii love it!

Wow. Imagine that. My adviser wants to create new projects relating to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and what does he decide to use for his next project? A Nintendo Wii! Oohhh Yeah! (^)___(^)

The first time the Wii came to our lab, we immediately went into an empty computer lab and connected the Wii with the digital projector! The Wii’s audio and video outputs were RCA jacks and fortunately for us, the digital projectors had that kind of interface. We immediately inserted the included CD game, Wii Sports. Wii sports is simply fantastic! And to think this is the post to have the most expletives in it! (^)____(^)

We played tennis first, as I was the player one, since I got to use the Wii mote and made it synchronize with the Wii first (^)__(^). We played tennis and even though we weren’t doing great at the first try, it was still really fun. What those people from Nintendo can do is simply astounding. The Wiimote or Wii remote has a built in accelerometer and probably a gyroscope, since it can sense how fast you swing it and what orientation you’re holding the Wii: sideways, upside down, etc. Next we tried bowling and it was really fun as well. We can certainly do those strikes with our bowling balls spinning across the floor (^)__(^). Next we played golf and then baseball. Really entertaining, and really physical stuff for a computer game! Lastly we tried the boxing game, which was really engaging. By the end of the games (since we had classes et al) we were already panting and sweating profusely!

My professor called my attention too that’s why I wasn’t able to finish some of my games (X)___(X)

Right now, we’re trying to beat each other’s high scores. Currently, I’m a pro in the tennis and bowling sports. Got to remain competitive in the Wii world! There are so much to learn, do and explore with the Nintendo Wii. Perhaps we should try hacking it already to see what other stuff we can do with it, like make it run Linux, other than making ourselves look like fools (while having fun)…..(^)___(^)

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