Surely polytheism is not an option, right?…..

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21 Responses to “Surely polytheism is not an option, right?…..”

  1. bmc Says:

    Amen to that (the subject title), brother.

  2. f241vc15 Says:

    Amen? 🙂 Amen! 😀

  3. Kullervo Says:

    To be fair, most Protestants wouldn’t pray to most of those.

  4. Aldrin FT Says:

    Great spoof! But what’s with the title?

    A society with a multiplicity of Gods brought us tolerance – not just
    religious tolerance, but *intellectual* tolerance. Monotheism killed
    philosophy, burned down the libraries, and brought us the Dark Ages.

  5. f241vc15 Says:

    Hi Aldrin,

    The title is meant to convey/cast doubt upon polytheism. But as you read the comic, you’ll realize (perhaps) that it not only applies to polytheism, since it can be extended to accommodate theism as well.

    I agree that religion can bring along with it intellectual tolerance, or as I prefer to coin it, suppressing the faculty of reasoning or even suspending skeptical inquiry.

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