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In Linux, no cpu-z you see…

June 22, 2009

… which may be bad at the start, but isn’t so if you really know how powerful Linux is. In this case, you don’t really need to acquire a cpu-z-like software, unless of course you’re freaked out by the command line (which we’ll use in this case).  Linux (at least those that use kernel versions 2.6 and above) have quite  an array of commands that lets you acquire most info that cpu-z will give you on a Window$ box, sometimes less, sometimes more. These commands are especially useful in cases like (this was my case a week ago, that’s why I had to find out about them) there’s no graphical interface for you since you’re either remotely doing administration or the server just doesn’t have any graphical server/service installed.

To list information about the CPU enter the command

cat /proc/cpuinfo

To list your PCI devices type the command


To acquire information about your installed memory/RAM sticks or modules, one command to do this is

sudo dmidecode —type 17

To check your hard drives, the following commands give you loads of info

cat /proc/diskstats | egrep "^\s?+8"
df -hT
ls -lh /dev/disk/by-path/
ls -lh /dev/disk/by-id/
ls -lh /dev/disk/by-uuid/
cat /proc/scsi/scsi

you then can find out disk info by running the following on each node listed (device name in third column):

sudo fdisk -l /dev/NODE (e.g. sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda, if you have SCSI drives)

There are quite a lot more commands to get information about the hardware you are running, without shutting it/them down so you can open them up and check the hardware yourself. Or you won’t have to grab your hardware’s manual (whether locally or online) just to get info about your hardware. Good especially for sys ads like me. 🙂