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‘Rebuild Evangelion’ is upon us!

September 20, 2007

Before I hit the books again and prepare for a host of exams and deadlines, I wanted to make sure I weblogged something about “Rebuild Evangelion”, which I only found out a couple of days ago.

If you’re an Eva fan (artistically, philosophically, et al), you must definitely watch this remake of the series, with new scenes, characters, and of course, cutting edge animation: all of these in good old Eva style. Also, the plot has been worked out a bit to make it a little more appreciable (if I’m not mistaken) than the original series.

When I watched this song video (from no other than ms. Utada Hikaru herself), I nearly popped my eyes out…(^)___(^) . Anyway, to see is to believe in some ways I guess, so here it is:

If anybody knows how I can download (torrent, direct download, etc.) and/or copy this movie, please tell me!

Unfortunately, it seems that it will take some years before they end this remake. They probably want us drooling for more ‘new Eva’ while they largely profit from all of it, but hey, it’s Eva! (^)___(^)